Earth – Connect Through Healing Resonance

Meditating on Earth, and ourselves as emerging from the source of all things, is transformative in the ways we experience our own bodies and the bodies of others. As I increase my awareness and value of Earth as a living being, I increase my own body awareness, acceptance, and self-love. We are complex living organisms, changing each day—getting sick, getting well, having long-term illness, dying. Earth asks us to hold our bodies in an awareness of what is working well, how we are thriving and adapting within limitation and pain as much as we are able while holding us in our loss, anger, grief, and illness. Earth offers us resonance with its body—to feel the strength of life force within our own body and to appreciate its strength and beauty, in whatever state it is in. Attuning with Earth and its magnificent diversity supports our ability to let go of false criticism and contemporary standards of beauty, wellness, and ableism.

Excerpt from Contemplative Writing with Elements.