One Heart Justice

Creative Contemplation

for Radical Change

Now is a critical time in human evolution; cycles of conflict, environmental degradation and systems of inequity threaten to irrevocably change life on Earth. As everyday people, we feel overwhelmed and hopeless in the face of seemingly unstoppable power structures perpetuating damage. One Heart Justice places the focus of transformation on practicing heart-based awareness and cultivating the potential of our own hearts as the “technology” we have been searching for to heal ourselves and the planet.

Developed by an Expressive Arts Therapist, One Heart Justice, integrates transpersonal psychology, meditation and ecological consciousness through creative exploration designed to empower readers to deeply connect with the fundamental elements of life. Engaging with contemplative dialogue to demonstrate the power of attuning to the natural world, readers are called to experience this process for themselves providing wisdom and creativity to initiate change from the inside out.


One Heart Justice Guided Meditation

One Heart Justice Process Introduction

Universal Heart Meditation

Somatic Listening

Creative Exploration