Beautiful night sky, the Milky Way, moon and the trees. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

Light – Express your Soul

Light can be thought of as an electromagnetic language through which atoms communicate and transform one another. Particles of electromagnetic radiation called photons, created by the birth of the Universe, are predicted to still be in existence when the last star flickers out. Light tells the story of our Universe, possibly even up to its end and rebirth. Current research teaches us that a few hundred thousand years after the Big Bang, the Universe was cool enough for atoms of hydrogen and helium to attract free electrons, turning them into neutral atoms; photons were able to rest, and began to travel freely as the electromagnetic radiation we call Light. Stars, galaxies and eventually homo sapiens were created—as photons move in and out of atoms, creating new molecules, one aspect of life creates another. These photons, this energy, electromagnetic radiation, Light, is another way the Cosmos is interconnected as a Universal whole. As the child of matter and antimatter, Light reminds us life manifests from the unmanifest and communicates through the electromagnetic vibration of our beingness.

Contemplating Light, as a universal entity communicating vibrationally between all forms of life supports our awareness of interbeing. Experiencing inter-beingness through somatic communication with Light can expand our ability to perceive Light as both visible and invisible electromagnetic information moving through the neural network of the Cosmos. Allowing our heart-based awareness of Light to permeate us provides an experience of Universal Love and interconnectivity that supports choices to further integrate human systems with natural systems and better support the whole of existence on Earth.

Excerpt from Contemplative Writing with Elements.