Plant – Give and Receive Nourishment

As Plants learned to dig their roots deeper by seeping acid into soil, they became stronger and eventually came the evolution of wood and trees. Trees remind us they are great beings of circulation, weaving an elaborate tapestry, like dendrites and synapses threading new neuro-landscapes through our bodies. Meditating with trees illuminates the flow of our nervous systems and allows Universal integration on a physical and spiritual level. Visiting trees we love or imagining a special tree and holding image of this tree in our minds, in resonance with our bodies, can support us to harmonize our nervous systems with trees. They circulate loving frequencies, up and down our spinal column, between the Cosmos and Earth. Trees breathe with us to awaken and weave our bodies and souls into a sacred, geometrical web of light and to align with Earth’s web of divine life. Trees have also often represented a gateway to other worlds or dimensions of life in many cultures and are helpful to explore as partners in our meditative journey.

Excerpt from Contemplative Writing with Elements.