Untitled design


for Amanda Gorman

from the one tongue speaking
many tongues
lifted by the light of you
to the horizon
of a thousand tomorrows

you carry us from the space
before language
as rhythm walking through
who we were striving to be
illuminating our bitter short falls
moving us ever closer to your essence

past, present and future coalesce
in your ever present drive to make music of truth
through our syllabic dreams of a universe listening

up and down the ladder
off the boat threatening to be taken
by the waves of human error
we who heed your call
understand you as another
breath, allowing us to survive

as moons, as suns
the eternity of the tide
you fill us with the light
we dare to be

I lift my aging face to you
to bathe me
opening the door to my heart
as you conduct the elegant
limbs of our children
raising hope for us all